Baby bump casts

From £60 - £250

Cast My Memory can visit your home or visit us at the Mill to cast your beautiful bump, as parents ourselves we know how precious a baby bump memory can be!

We usually allocate 1.5 hr to cast a full bump and body which includes drying time.

The best time to cast your bump is from 36+ weeks but it this is optional 

We then take it away, prime and set it, achieve the choice of finish and get it back to you to display proudly

A number of finishes can be achieved from a rustic rough cast finish to a smoother metallic finish, you can also have a mosaic finish and mounted on a light-box which is a particularly impressive AND functional way to display your bump

The process is relaxed, fun and you can involve other loved ones for the experience if you wish

For information about the process and individual pricing please get in touch